Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sex Scandal Continue To Rock TBN

written by Johnny Israel

In 1996 the head of Trinity Broadcasting Net work, Paul Crouch, met with an employee of TBN at a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains for a homosexual encounter. Lonnie Ford who worked for TBN and Paul Crouch for eight years had an on-again off-again homosexual relationship.

Ford, an ex-convict, drug user and convicted child molester, had been employed by TBN as a limo driver, telephone receptionist, and also as a photographer, even though he had few job skills and did not know how to operate a camera.

Crouch who has denied the homosexual relationship agreed to a financial settlement to keep Ford from going public about the affair. Gay lovers Ford and Crouch evidently had a falling out, and a legal dispute ensued. According to a TBN lawyer, Ford was given $425,000 in hush money by Crouch, and he agreed to keep quiet about his and Crouch's sexual relationship.

In 2004 Ford broke the terms of his silence when he decided to take his manuscript detailing the affair public.

TBN immediately responded in a hastily written statement, describing the allegations as “deplorable”, “Salacious” and “False”. Ford, however, maintained in a written statement that the sexual acts transpired on weekend visits to the cabin owned by TBN.

When the news of the sexual scandal broke, TBN lawyer Dennis Brewer said the Matt Crouch, Paul Crouch’s youngest son, told his law partner, David Middlebrook, “I am devastated. I am confronted with having to face the fact that my father is a homosexual.”

At the time of the investigation into the homosexual relationship, it was learned the Crouch’s, who claim to be humble folks of middle-class America, bought a $5million oceanfront home in the California yachting resort of Newport Beach. Crouch claimed the luxurious home was proof of the lavish rewards bestowed on them by the Almighty for their good works.

Millions of TBN partners in America and third world countries are poor, low income people that give sacrificially a portion of their income. While they struggle to meet daily needs, such as food and shelter, the Crouch’s have secretly lived the life style of the rich and famous.

In 1997 on TBN Crouch spewed hatred toward those critics that oppose him, “God, we proclaim death to anything or anyone that will lift a hand against this network and this ministry that belongs to you, God.”

Crouch eventually turned over TBN to his son Matthew Crouch, his wife and other relatives, but remains a central figure in the network daily operations.

Crouch claimed he paid Ford money to keep him from going public about the affair. However, after Ford goes public, Crouch denies there was a homosexual affair. Innocent men do not pay hush money for crimes they did not commit. Paul the Apostle said, “Our life is an open book, seen and read by all men.”

The question here “Is Lonnie Ford the only homosexual lover of Paul Crouch, or have there been others? As of this writing Crouch is keeping silent about past sexual liaisons. However, former TBN employees have come forward to say that Ford is not Crouch’s only gay lover. Until this matter is cleared up, TBN will be scarred with the sins of homosexually and misappropriation of millions of dollars.